Do I Really Need A Copywriter For My Local Business Website?

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If you are a small business owner in the process of getting your website up and running, it’s easy to think that you can save money by writing your own website copy. After all, you already know your products and services inside out, right? You may be tempted to skimp on professional copywriting, but with…

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How to Prepare the Content for Your Website Build

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Creating content that grabs the attention of your prospective clients is the difference between a website that is effective in generating business and one that doesn’t do much at all. Fortunately with a little planning, you’ll find that pulling together the content for your website build isn’t that difficult. Here are some things to think…

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Three Questions to Answer Before Building Your Small Business Website

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Many small business websites are launched before the business owner asks some basic questions. As a result, their new website may not perform as well as they hoped. Before launching a new website, small business owners need to have clear answers to these three questions. Who is your audience? You’ve made the decision to build…

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