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2024 playbook report

A marketing roadmap for your local business

Our Local Marketing Playbook is a review of your company’s digital marketing assets along with digital marketing strategies, customized by our expert team based on a thorough analysis of your business. Each playbook takes a couple of hours to complete, and it contains:

  • The Local Business Success Stack — This is the roadmap to becoming a leader in your local market.
    An analysis of your existing marketing strategies, and a check for valuable opportunities within your current setup.
  • A Geo-Grid Local Ranking Report — This shows exactly where you are ranking well and where you are not. The results may surprise you!
  • A Keyword Report to make your online material SEO-friendly — for instance, we’ll tell you whether to say “Kernersville salon and spa” or “salons in Kernesville with spas.” It may not seem like much, but guessing wrong will cost you!
  • A Reputation and Review Report We check your client feedback across multiple online channels.
  • An Organic and Paid Strategy Assessment, which tells you your biggest opportunity for growth based on your business’ current status.
  • A Website Health/Age Assessment, to identify strengths and vulnerabilities in your current online presence.