Do I Really Need A Copywriter For My Local Business Website?

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If you are a small business owner in the process of getting your website up and running, it’s easy to think that you can save money by writing your own website copy. After all, you already know your products and services inside out, right? You may be tempted to skimp on professional copywriting, but with so much competition for attention online, well-written, sales-focused content is essential.

The website copy of a local business is extremely important because it is a key component of getting found online. FUN FACT: 76% of people conducting a local search on a mobile device visit a physical location with 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in a purchase – Google.

Without strong content on your website, it’s hard for potential customers to find your business when they use search engines like Google or Bing. Using the right words and phrases, along with keywords that are relevant to your company, help your business get more website traffic.

If your company has a local presence and a website, it is worth the small investment to use a copywriter. A good copywriter works to optimize and tailor content to specific needs of the site. Local businesses with optimized websites typically see increased traffic from search engines as well as other websites. A good copywriter can use SEO knowledge to help your site rank highly on keywords that are within your industry.

Your website also needs to be well written to ensure that people in your target market are able to navigate it easily. A copywriter can write content for your website, making sure it flows logically and effectively.

Good Copy Increases Conversions

When looking for a local business that has an online presence, consumers will seek out sites that are relevant to what they need. It’s important that your website content isn’t bland and uninteresting. A copywriter’s job is to make your site’s content unique and engaging, which helps increase conversions. Unique content is often more interesting than generic information because it corresponds to specific needs of the user rather than being general in nature.

Consumers want to feel like the company takes time to understand their needs rather than just trying to sell them something. Having well-written content that is focused on the consumer makes your site more likely to be found and customers likely to buy.

A copywriter will also focus on benefits that are more aligned to the consumer’s needs, rather than features of the product or service. Focusing on benefits will allow the consumer to find a product or service that is perfect for them. Good copy doesn’t have to be long, but it should be focused on demonstrating value to the reader. Writing great copy helps your business to establish authority in an industry and generate good buzz for a product or service.

Good Copywriting Can Help Your Local Business Get More Website and In-Store Traffic

Using a professional copywriter can help your brick and mortar businesses increase foot traffic to both the business itself, as well as the website. Well-written content is not only good for search engine rankings but also increases traffic from other websites, including directories that list local businesses. A person searching for services or goods in his or her area will be able to find your website if your site content is well written.

Good copywriting presents information in a way that captures your target market’s attention and persuades them towards purchasing your product. Well-written content explains what makes your business unique from other companies offering similar products and services. For example, highlighting why shipping is free for people in your service area, or why your business is better than the competition, are some ways of differentiating your company from the competition.

A Worthwhile Investment

Good copywriting might cost more than simply writing content yourself, but in the long run you will benefit from increased traffic. In many cases it may cost less when you consider the time you spend struggling to get the words on the page. Investing in compelling content leads to more visitors to your website. More visitors means that you will get more customers, whether they visit your brick and mortar business or buy products or services on your website.

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