The Cobbler’s Children Have Shoes! Finally, Our Website Redsign

Photo to announce website redesign: Leather in rolls, cobbler tools and shoe lasts in workshop

People say that it’s not unusual for a busy doctor’s kids to have runny noses, or for the cobbler’s kids to run around barefoot. That’s often true when it comes to the websites for digital agencies. We know what to do, but we’re more focused on getting it done for clients than for ourselves. I’m glad to say that after more than a year of saying “you know, we should get around to our site,” we finally finished our own website redesign.

We recently launched the redesign of the Made for You Media website. Over the 12 years we’ve been in business, we’ve built our website on many different themes including DIY Themes Thesis, iThemes Builder, Elegant Themes Divi and Beaver Builder. We even used the Fun Design theme from Theme Forest for a while. Our new site is built with the Elementor builder, using the Hello Theme.

Before After

As a principle, we’ve always committed to “eating our own dogfood,” meaning we wouldn’t suggest that you use a product or service that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We’re finding more opportunities to use Elementor in client work and since Zach is pretty gifted with it, we decided to use it on this project.

The design flexibility and speed to build the planned designs are some of the reasons Zach likes working with it, and I can agree that helped with getting the project finished. It also easily integrated with one of my favorite tools, PODS, which we used to build the custom post types for the portfolio. We often use custom post types to make projects easier for clients to maintain on their own, and even though we know how to do the updates ourselves, this will save us time.

Our company position is to build clean, easy to use websites that deliver on our clients’ messages and are attractive enough to keep the attention of their site visitors. This time however, we allowed ourselves one indulgence: a horizontal scroll on the home page. You don’t see horizontal scrolling that often, but we thought it would be an interesting way to display some of our work. A big part of the build process of our website was to test tools and find new things to integrate into the sites that we build for our clients. Even more than getting our site launched, the learnings we got from trying new things and breaking some of them was what made this project a big success.

If you’re considering a website redesign, give us a call so we can discuss your needs and some of the things we’ve learned. We always get our client’s work done faster than when we’re doing it for ourselves. Promise.

Made for You Media is a digital marketing agency based in Winston-Salem, NC with clients across the US and Canada. Our focus is working with local businesses to increase brand awareness, build leads and increase sales. If you’re looking for your first website — or like us, overdue for a website redesign — call us today at (336) 303-0640 to discuss your needs.

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