About Made for You Media

We work with businesses like yours. We’ve been a trusted partner to companies at all stages of growth, from single entrepreneurs with just an idea for a business, to companies that looking to expand on an established customer base, to well established firms that want a website with a new face. We also work with non-profits to get their message across and help them to get attention and build support in the community. Reach out to us to discuss your unique needs.

ray mitchell

I’m Ray Mitchell, a Marketing Consultant and the owner of Made For You Media. As a small business owner, I personally know how hard it can be run a small business. There are dozens of things to keep track of, and marketing your business is just one of them. It shouldn’t take up all of your time and money. Made for You Media has one mission: to create websites and digital marketing that helps local small businesses compete effectively with their bigger competition, without spending a fortune.

I personally would love to talk with you about your needs and what we can do to help you. Give me a call at (336) 303-0640.

I’m Zach Seno, Lead Designer at Made For You Media.  My focus is taking your business’ message and transforming it into a visual design. Your website needs to be more than just pretty, It needs to draw customers in and effectively communicate your message.

Call us and let’s see what we can create together.



Zach Seno