Three Questions to Answer Before Building Your Small Business Website

Many small business websites are launched before the business owner asks some basic questions. As a result, their new website may not perform as well as they hoped. Before launching a new website, small business owners need to have clear answers to these three questions.

Who is your audience?

You’ve made the decision to build a website, but do you know who are you building it for? Before you go too far in the process, think about who your company serves and who you want to visit your website. If your company sells commercial conveyor ovens, do you want to attract dads that bake zucchini bread on the weekend? If you make hand-crafted wind instruments, do you want to reach professional musicians, or parents of third-graders that just passed their first “recorder test”. By knowing who you are trying to attract, you can begin to gather the right photos and other media, and start writing convincing website copy.

What is the purpose of your website?

Websites can serve many purposes. They can be your online product catalog, they can bring visitors to your store, or they can tell your shoppers about your award-winning customer service. Do you want your website to raise awareness of your non-profit organization’s yearly fundraiser? Will it tell foodies what are the top three food trucks for late-night eats? An effective website works for you 24 hours a day. Knowing your website’s purpose early in the process will help make sure that your website works for you.

What functionality do you need?

It ‘s obvious, but your website should do more than just look pretty. Your website should help promote and grow your business. A really effective website can move from being a marketing expense to a revenue generator. It’s important to have a good understanding of the functionality that is available. This is where a partnership with an experienced web developer is beneficial. Your developer can discuss the range of tools available to take advantage of business opportunities.

Some of the ways your website can build your business are collecting leads through a targeted landing page or allowing customers to create a personalized quote. A well-planned website can act as an appointment scheduling platform for a business coach, or allow a photographer to sell prints directly through an e-commerce set up. An effective business website can be a valuable part of your team.

As you get further into the process, there will be other questions to answer and decisions to make. Starting with clear answers to these three questions will make your website build less stressful and make your website an effective tool for your business. If you want to learn about the other decisions you’ll need to make, be sure to download our free guide, BUILDING YOUR WEBSITE: Ten Things to Think About. This PDF guide covers many of the decisions you’ll need to make to get ready for your website build.

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