Fighting for Your Military Marriage

Client Name

Fighting for Your Military Marriage


Yorktown, VA

About The Company

Life M8Z’s provides coaching to meet the needs of married couples, couples thinking about marriage, committed couples and partnerships, with a strong interest in assisting military families.

Project Brief

Mike and Myra Holmes, who operate a successful Marriage and Relationship Coaching practice called Life M8Z (life mates), wanted a website to promote their first book. The new website had to be attractive to the primary audience for the book: members of the active duty military and those separated from service. They also wanted to capture potential leads by offering excerpts from their book.

What We Did

Made for You Media designed and developed a one-page, promotional website as part of an initial book launch.

Web Design

Web Development


Lead Generation

Web Development

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Project Features


Keap Integration

The Holmes’ use Keap by Infusionsoft for their marketing automation. We seamlessly integrated the CRM into the website to achieve their goal of making it easy for site visitors to request an excerpt of their book, while capturing their contact details to provide them with additional information.

Mobile Friendly Design

Visitors to your Made for You Media website will always have a fully rich, interactive experience, using their device of choice — regardless of whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or a phone.