Dulaney Group Technologies

Client Name

Dulaney Group Technologies


Mocksville, NC

About The Company

Dulaney Group Technologies is a MSP (Managed Service Provider), providing IT and Cybersecurity services for small and medium-sized businesses. The company is known for keeping its medical industry clients HIPAA compliant from a technology perspective.

Project Brief

Made for You Media was asked to create an updated version of the company website, that fully introduced site visitors to the range of services that they offer and would serve as a platform for the future growth of the company.

What We Did

Made for You Media designed and developed a website that was fully responsive, enabling site visitors to access the site on their device of choice (phone, tablet or desktop). The website integrates the Cybersecurity portal that Dulaney Group uses to educate business on how to keep secure.

Web Design

Web Development

Graphic Design/ Illustration

The Result

Project Features

Unique Graphic Elements

We created custom icons and graphic elements as part of the design process to help differentiate Dulaney Group Technologies.

Mobile Friendly Design

Visitors to your Made for You Media website will always have a fully rich, interactive experience, using their device of choice — regardless of whether it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or a phone.
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