Automated actions designed to create and nurture your customer and prospect relationships

It's always been true, but now that even your weakest competitor has a website, to be successful online your business needs to find a way to continue to bring in new customers and retain current customers. Marketing Automation can make that task easier and more efficient.

The path to acquiring new customers is straightforward. You need to to drive traffic to your website, convert that traffic into leads and close those leads into customers. What is less obvious is how you can do that, and manage finite resources of time and money.

Enter Marketing Automation

Marketing automation reduces the need to employ staff to do to repetitive marketing tasks. This allows you to use your staff on more important, value-adding tasks. You can interact with customers and prospects by sending emails, text messages or online chat based on behavioral triggers. These customized communications get sent to customers automatically when they do certain things. This could include signing up for your emails, browsing or purchasing specific products, or asking questions about your services.

Adding Marketing Automation tools can also make light work of retention and loyalty efforts, increasing customer lifetime value. As we all know, marketing isn’t just about attracting new customers. A proven way to increase revenue is to get your existing customers to spend more throughout their lifetime with your brand.

Consistently Get More Customer Reviews & Testimonials

You do a great job for your customers, but it seems impossible to get them to give you a review or a testimonial. You may even remind them, but they never seem to get around to it. Eventually, you move on to something else.

Reviews are important to your business. In fact, 91% of consumers say that positive reviews make them more likely to use a business. We have a way for your business to get more reviews, consistently and with less effort.

More Ways to Take Advantage of Your Facebook Presence

Expand your reach by leveraging the power of instant connectivity and expose your company to millions of North American customers who use the Facebook Messenger platform every day through Facebook Messenger Marketing. Messenger is the second most popular iOS app of all time — behind only the main Facebook app. We help you develop an outreach strategy that will cultivate leads from not only your existing followers, but a broader local, national or international audience.

But Is This Right for my Business?

Your business is probably a great candidate for automating some of your business processes if you:

  • You don’t nurture your current leads
  • You send each email campaign or post blog articles manually
  • Your website doesn’t generate enough leads and sales
  • Your website isn’t nurturing visitors
  • You would like to grow or get more out of your email list
  • You are not sure your social media or content marketing efforts are working

How do I get started?

STEP 1: It starts by completing our discovery form. This questionnaire helps us understand they types of outreach you are currently doing, how you currently obtain leads, and how you follow up with them

STEP 2: We follow up with a quick meeting to discuss your answers in a little more detail and review your current processes to determine where automation can free up your resources and improve your performance

STEP 3: We begin developing the architecture for automated processing and run some tests.

STEP 4: Once we're satisfied with the results, we launch your automated processes. You benefit from more consistent actions, and efficient use of your time and resources.

Got Questions?

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